About the LENG Program

The Department of English aims at preparing academics specialized in English Language and literature and have good control over the linguistic skills both oral and written so as to cope with the updated cultural innovations in the domains of literature and Arts. The Department awards the certificate Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature. The period of study is 4 years and the students admitted to the department are graduates of high and preparatory schools, scientific and literary branches.

LENG Mission

Department of English provides academic services, including lectures, seminars, workshops and academic assistance to its students that build and foster their language skills and develop   communicative competence based on the three mode of communication; interpersonal, representational and interpretative.  The English department also develops students ' critical thinking, cultural awareness, translation, and research writing. The department acquaints students with English literature on the understanding that literature is employed for the sake of building language skills, cultural and intercultural awareness.


The English Language Program at Nawroz University aims at preparing students majoring in English to

PEOa. Demonstrate understanding of basic language levels in English (Grammar, Phonology, and Lexis).

PEOc. Demonstrate ability to use the English language in its written and spoken forms.

PEOd. Make use of the acquired language skills in professional contexts.

PEOe. Demonstrate ability to conduct research, consider ethical issues and draw upon valid conclusions.

PEOf. Apply the acquired knowledge of both language and literature to different social, cultural, psychological and research contexts.

PEOg. Demonstrate ability to analyze critically literary genres in terms of their historical, social and intellectual contexts.

Consistency of the Program Mission and Educational Objectiveswith the Mission of the Institution

The program mission and educational objectives are consistent with those of the University.  

The key sentence of the University of Nawroz’s mission statement  is

“meet the cultural needs of Kurdistan through commitment to the educational, technological, and economic development of the society.” 

These correspond to LENG’s mission.

"offer opportunities to explore identity, values, manners and morals by enhancing students' exploration of gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity through the study of literature and language".



Students graduating from the Department of English at NZU are expected to be able to apply the knowledge they have acquired about Linguistics and Literature as far as the following Program Learning Outcomes are concerned:

(a) convey and receive messages based on the three modes of communication; interpersonal, or two-way interaction with someone else; interpretive, the ability to understand and interpret a one-way aural or written text; and presentational, the ability to present information in either a written or oral format.

(b) Apply the skills of analyzing English language and culture to students’ own language and culture and those of others.

(c) Demonstrate a sound understanding of the products and practices of the English culture and how they are related to the perspectives of the English native speakers.

(d) Develop insight into their own language and culture (Kurdish), by  providing them with a deeper understanding of how language works and how cultures reflect the perspectives, practices, and products of the English native speakers.

(e) Relate the phenomena of language and literature to their social, cultural and psychological contexts.

(f) Analyze critically literary genres within their historical, social, and intellectual contexts.

(g) Demonstrate theoretical knowledge and competence in the use of practical methods in literature and linguistics.

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