Nawroz University and Mendeley Present a Training Course on Managing References

June 1, 2023, 11:44 a.m.

An International Workshop will be Held at Nawroz University

Feb. 1, 2023, 3:33 p.m.

Nawroz University and Soran University are Organizing an International Conference

Oct. 25, 2022, 9:25 a.m.

An International Conference on Education and Teaching in K-12 Schools

April 24, 2022, 2 p.m.

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Nawroz University is a higher education private university founded on July 20, 2004. It consists of fourteen academic departments at five colleges of Law and Politics, Administration and Economics, Languages, Engineering and Science .

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The University President's message

Dear readers and students,

On behalf of the Nawroz University Council, I am honored to welcome you to our official website.

Nawroz University was founded in 2004 as the Kurdistan Region's first private university. Despite its young age, it managed to establish a significant academic status in the KRI and Iraq.

Nawroz University realizes that the foundation of human resources is individual intelligence and skills. To this end, it seeks, through its various scientific departments, to contribute to preparing individuals with skills, expertise, and leadership qualities at the personal and societal levels. This sustainable mobility, on which the university map has been based is therefore, upheld by faculty, researchers, and students at our university collectively.

The basis for the university's work is excellent lectures, quality education and scientific research in the theoretical and practical fields, while not ignoring the role of impartial and professional quality control to lay the ground for academic and ongoing education.

Nawroz University attaches great importance to its scientific and cultural ties at local and international levels. As regards the local level, the university is the nearest scientific and cultural observatory to the residents of the region who see it as a source of pride and inspiration.

Nawroz University includes five colleges, besides several centers and directorates specializing in fields of science, culture, services, and training. Constructed on an appropriate land area, this university has a campus that includes buildings for the five colleges besides the central library. The adjacent buildings comprise the NU presidency, faculty housing, restaurants, while green gardens and sports facilities are in the middle. The campus of Nawroz University is a safe and comfortable hub in the western part of Duhok City.

For more information on NU, I invite you to visit our official website.

With warm regards,

Abulwahab Khalid Mosa

Nawroz University President

2020 - 06 - 01


Nawroz University strives to preserve its pioneering position and history in the region by adopting scientific research mainly in dealing with the essentials of society and markets, keeping up with the changes in the field of technology and science, and continuous openness to its local and global surroundings. To contribute to creating a sustainable educational environment in the region and Iraq.


Efficiently and effectively, Nawroz University manages and tackles the challenges ahead by continuously enhancing human resource development, especially for those who are smart, skillfull, and have leadership qualities.


The NU seeks to maintain its excellency in adopting scientific research dealing with the needs of society and the local market. The NU adopts a policy of permanent openness and building relationships with its local and global surroundings in order to contribute to creating a sustainable educational environment in Iraq and in the KRI in particular.


  1. Provide local and global markets with competent, experienced, and skillful individuals, and who perform leading roles in the different fileds.
  2. Maintain the leading position of the university as a scientific and cultural edifice of its local, regional environment.
  3. Establish scientific and cultural ties with counterparts from local and international universities and scientific institutions and openness towards all institutions that share our objectives.
  4. Contribute to setting development plans through cooperation with governmental and non-governmental agencies.
  5. Sustaining university advisory and training centers and increasing their interaction with the market and social requirements.
  6. Continuous training and development of scientific, administrative, and vocational staff by involving them in local and international training courses, plus paving the way for them to fine-tune their skills and talents.
  7. Provide an appropriate environment for staff to work and students to learn.
  8. Adopt international labor standards and ideas that help the university deliver better services to society.
  9. Spread a culture of tolerance and pluralism among communities and work ethics between individuals in their different departments of NU.

Core Values

1- Heritage:

NU works to catch up with developments in the world while preserving the national heritage.

2- Ethics:

NU fosters openness, honesty, and fairness in social and moral, as well as academic matters.

3- Commitment to quality:

NU applies principles of self-evaluation and continuous improvement to fulfil its goals and mission.

4- Responsibility:

NU serves Kurdistan society through quality teaching and learning, applied research, and continuing education programs.

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